Hoover Carpet Cleaner

Cleaning carpets is not a thrilling task, and it certainly is not the easiest job. If any, carpet cleaning is a tedious work that needs to be done because you don’t want dirty carpets in your house, especially if you have crawling babies and playful toddlers who love to pry their noses, and fingers, on anything they touch. Most of the time you wish cleaning can be easier and cheaper.

Hoover has the answer to your carpet and floor cleaning needs. With Hoover carpet cleaner, maintaining a spick-and-span floors and carpets is just a breeze.

Product specifications: 

SpinScrub brushes

This patented brush head by Hoover utilize both steam power and superior rotating brush action to efficiently clean every carpet threads and fiber. The SpinScrub brushes gently loosen grimes and dirt from every carpet fiber.

The Hoover SteamVac cleaner uses hot water, gentle yet powerful detergent, and rotating brushes to remove grimes even from heavy-traffic areas. Use Hoover SteamVac detergents to ensure the compatibility of the solution to the machine. The SteamVac is also a Hoover dog vacuum cleaner edition as it can be used to target specific problems like cleaning pet stools and stains. Use Hoover Pet Formula to ensure compatibility and prevent voiding your machine’s warranty.

The 12-ampere motor generates hot air that is directed into the carpet to help the brushes and solution work effectively. The generated hot air can also be used to quicken the carpet’s drying time even without rinsing.

Hoover’s SpinScrub steamer section comes with three agitator brush settings:

??¡§¡§         Spill pick-up – pick-up spills, dirt, and other objects. Use this setting when brushing is not required

??¡§¡§         Gentle scrub – select this mode if you are cleaning delicate rugs and carpets

??¡§¡§         Power scrub – turn this mode on for maximum carpet cleaning speed and  powerful performance

Dual V technology

Hoover carpet cleaner dual V innovation allows equal suction levels from the whole underside of the Hoover carpet cleaner. Other vacuum cleaners clean carpet sides on different levels, which means you need to run on the same spot again just to ensure that all parts are equally sucked and cleaned.  With the Dual V technology, you don’t need to repeat the washing and rinsing actions as the machine efficiently and evenly suck the surface of the carpet.

Recovery tank

Hoover carpet cleaner comes with a huge waste tank to hold the dirty solution sucked from the cleaned surface. When the tank is full, the machine automatically turns off and the suction stops. This feature prevents spills, which can harm your vacuum cleaner. You also save time as you don’t need to empty the tank frequently.