Dog Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Owners: A Look at Dyson Ball Vacuum

Homeowners who have pets know full well how a good dog vacuum cleaner can help make their lives easier when it comes to cleaning.

The Problem of Pet Owners

As a lot of pet owners can sadly agree to, vacuum cleaners and pets, particularly dogs, don’t go together, and it’s not just because your canine friends love to bark at the cleaning device! Even the most powerful vacuum cleaner would probably throw its hands up (if it had hands and if it could move these, anyway) because of the difficulty of cleaning up after the pets.

The problem with owning cats or dogs is that they shed their fur a lot. The fact that your pets do this indiscriminately just makes it even more difficult for pet owners, as even the most unlikely places may end up collecting shed hair. Furthermore, pet hair sticks to all kinds of fabrics, from the carpet to the furniture, making it difficult to clean up after them, short of getting specialized instruments. Even then, a dog vacuum cleaner may not be able to get rid of the shed fur all over the place.

Of course, getting rid of the pet or swapping it with one that doesn’t shed as much is not an option for pet owners who have gotten attached to their pets. As such, they will need to find a good dog vacuum cleaner to help them clean up after their canine or feline friends. One good device to own is the DC25 model of the Dyson ball vacuum collection.

Features of the Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The features of the

DC25 Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner:

  • The Dyson ball. The Dyson ball is probably the tour de force of the Dyson vacuum line. Unlike a typical dog vacuum cleaner that has four wheels that move at a set direction, the ball technology of Dyson provides added maneuverability, allowing the instrument to twist and turn around furniture and other obstacles to allow users to thoroughly clean the house.
  • Root Cyclone technology. Another patented technology of Dyson, root cyclone removes the need for the Dyson dog vacuum cleaner to have a vacuum bag. Instead, it separates the dirt from air using centrifugal force, with the dust being collected in a bin that’s attached to the vacuum. Root cyclone prevents clogging and loss of suction, problems commonly encountered by those who are using other kinds of vacuum cleaners.
  • Quickdraw telescope reach. Another innovation by Dyson, the Quickdraw telescope reach feature of the dog vacuum cleaner allows users to get to hard-to-reach areas, since the wand can be expanded for up to 16 feet.
  • Powerful suction. The DC25 Dyson dog vacuum cleaner truly has been designed for pets, having motorized brushbars and mini turbine heads that guarantee that even the smallest of pet hairs can be sucked in by device.
  • Protects against allergies. With the DC25 Dyson dog vacuum cleaner, you might actually be able to finally say goodbye to your allergies. The device comes with a HEPA filter, allowing the vacuum cleaner to trap allergens such as dust, pollen, and bacteria. Even the air that the Dyson ball vacuum cleaner releases is clean, containing up to 150 times less bacteria and mold compared to the air that you are currently breathing.
  • Easy cleaning. Since this vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a dust bag, cleanup is so much easier. All you will need to do is press a button to empty the vacuum cleaner of the dust and dirt it collected.
    Easy assembly. The vacuum cleaner only contains three parts that can be easily put together.

Who says you need to say bye-bye to Rover to make your home fur-free? With the Dyson dog vacuum cleaner, you can enjoy your bonding time with your canine best friend more.


I had no idea how little my old vacuum was doing until I ran the Dyson over my rugs for the first time – I was simultaneously amazed and disgusted!

I was prompted to buy a new vacuum when, only hours after running the vacuum throughout my place, I sat down on one of my area rugs to play with my 20-pound (but extremely fuzzy) dog. Hair everywhere! It was as though my vacuum hadn’t sucked up anything (despite it being less than 2 years old). After doing considerable research on various models and reading customer reviews, I decided to spend more than I had initially prepared myself to spend and buy the DC25 Animal – and I haven’t regretted it for one moment since! My place feels infinitely cleaner since buying this vacuum.

To address a couple of the concerns raised in several reviews I read prior to purchasing: the size of the receptacle and the ease of assembly. The size of the receptacle is more than adequate and the ease with which it can be emptied would offset its size even if I had found it to be on the small side. With one hand and a light tap against the rim of the garbage can, it was empty. Additionally, assembly took me (literally) 5 minutes – it’s extremely easy.

I would recommend this vacuum to animal owners without hesitation.

Ease of assembly
Product weight

Definitely on the expensive side (but, as I said, well worth it)

Kristin Doll

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